What I Learned after Crafting Microcopy for Mitra Tokopedia App Onboarding

Mitra Tokopedia sellers

I remember when I was a little. My cousins took me to “warung” to buy bubblegums, colas, ice creams, or chips. The location was close to their house. I really loved it when they took me there because the “warung” provided anything. It became my favorite place when I was a kid.

Getting older, I have never seen “warung” anymore in my neighborhood. It is probably because there are a lot of mini marts. I only need to walk for a couple of minutes to buy some snacks or buy electricity tokens. Not only that, people like to shop online nowadays. 🤔

“Warung” still exists. I remember, back in 2017, when I was having a period. I was so confused because people at my team were mostly male. They, of course, don’t experience it every month (LOL). I did not know whom I should ask for sanitary pads. I realized that eventually there is “warung” next to my office. Thank God!

For those of you who don’t know what “warung” means, Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia defines it “tempat menjual makanan-minuman atau kelontong”. So, it is like a small shop where you can buy shampoos, cooking oils, bath soaps, etc.

This year (exactly Q3-Q4), I have been assigned to work with Mitra Tokopedia team to improve their product communication. Mitra Tokopedia is a seller service (new innovation) which is targeted on “warung”. Mitra sellers can manage their small shop through this service. They only need to download the app and register their shop. After that, they can start selling. The product which Mitra sellers sell are varied, such as cooking oils, rices, sugars, snacks, cigarettes, shampoos, or soaps. All of these products are included in Grosir feature. It can be bought in a wholesale-way (In Indonesian, partai besar or beli banyakan). Thus, sellers may act as a distributor of a brand (take a look again the picture above). Not only product goods, the sellers can also sell digital products, for instance phone balance, electricity, or game voucher. They can recharge your electricity token. Cool, right?

An overview of Mitra Tokopedia app

My product designer friends tell me that most of Mitra sellers are still confused with the procedure. It is okay because managing a small shop through an app is a new thing for them. So, they are still learning. On the other hand, Mitra Tokopedia team keeps trying their best to make the app meaningful. Interestingly, Mitra sellers also have “personal” assistant called Sobat Mitra. Anyway, the Sobat team is not a robot but a real human (LOL). The Sobat team will be trained by Mitra Tokopedia team to educate them to help Mitra sellers in optimizing their business, for instance how to buy product on Grosir.

Last month, I was assigned by Mitra Tokopedia team to do an onboarding revamp project. This was proposed based on internal documentation I quote below:

User didn’t acknowledge any special value provided in the app, especially in the first steps of using the app.

Yes, some users prefer to skip the onboarding. It may affect their decision whether to join Mitra Tokopedia or not later on. Therefore, the team decided to refine the value proposition to attract new Mitra sellers. Below is the current onboarding:

Current onboarding

We can see that the current onboarding is presented by Toped (the main mascot). The content also highlights some key values, such as the product, benefit, and payment method (Tempo). So, there are 4 value propositions in total: the 1st onboarding encourages the user to join; The 2nd onboarding actually represents Mitra Tokopedia App benefits. However, I think it may be useful if the content can be made into shorter version, for instance by providing only a title that has a function as description too.

This year, Mitra Tokopedia has Mitto as the mascot. He is the hybrid of stall, chicken, and piggy bank. He is the representative of Mitra Tokopedia. Whatever Mitra sellers need help, Mitto will be there for them to solve a problem. Mitra Tokopedia team wanted to revamp the current onboarding using this new Toped Universe character. So, new illustration with new microcopy.

Mitto (credit: Tokopedia Design)

Before I started the crafting, I consulted with the business team to find out the key messages that should be delivered on the onboarding. They actually created their own copy draft (yes, please avoid lorem ipsum when you ask UX writers for a help). I only needed to review and revise/improve. The business team could not propose the copy offhand. They should be based on data too. Based on data, it turns out that there are 3 messages we want to deliver: encouragement, app efficiency, and seller’s benefit. It is quite challenging for me since “warung” sellers are more into a straightforward talking, for instance we can imagine a conversation between seller and buyer at a small shop/”warung”:

“Warung” buyer: Bu, beli odol gigi satu ya.

“Warung” seller: Baik, neng. Jadi Rp20.000 ya semuanya.

We probably often hear this term as it sounds familiar to Indonesian user. We can approach the copy for “warung” sellers like that. But, we need to A/B test the user or benchmark Google Trends or similar apps first.

For the tone of voice, I and my UXW friends conducted the workshop in the early 2019 to find out the how-we-talk. We invited Mitra Tokopedia team (the product managers, designers, business people, and marketing people) to define the way we spill our copy to Mitra sellers. Here are their suggestion we collected:

Outcome of the tone of voice workshop for Mitra Tokopedia: straightforward and persuasive (thank you, Ayu & Salsa for initiating the workshop!)

The outcome of the workshop above is straightforward and persuasive copy. It is also very Mitto because he is described as a friendly character who likes to give tacky jokes and solutions. Thus, here’s the proposed copywriting:

Proposed onboarding

For the analysis:

  • The 1st onboarding needs to welcome users. Why toko and warung? Why not either one? It’s because Mitra sellers can open their shop at their private house (rumah) or literally shop (ruko).
  • The 2nd onboarding should tell that managing shop through Mitra Tokopedia is easy and profitable. But, what is PPOB? It’s derived from Payment Point Online Bank. Let’s say that you top up buyers’ phone balance or pay their monthly phone bills through a vendor. You are the agent/locket. This is what we want to confirm to our Mitra on digital goods.
  • The last onboarding should provide a table to compare the benefits of each product (it is also the gist from the current 2nd onboarding.).

For the design, the UI designer follows the new Tokopedia main app onboarding. She provides 3 screens with strong heading and illustration so that visitors will get inspired by the value propositions or straight to the point.

The onboarding is on development. I hope by welcoming users through this revamp, small sellers can be motivated to be a part of Mitra Tokopedia so that their business may expand.

However, I found a limitation with the copy. I need an insight from the real “warung” sellers: what do they know about this new onboarding? Sadly, there are no “warung” sellers around my house and it may take time to explore “warung” sellers during pandemic. I wish I could have an update from the Mitra Tokopedia team when this has been released. Maybe I can revise the copy based on it. 🙏🏼

In conclusion, anytime we craft microcopy, considering the users is essential so that they understand how to product is used or what the service offers them. We should also discuss our copy with related team for decision making since there must be considerations to think over (ex: requirements, policy, etc.). Plus, test the copy to users so the copy may give an impact to them. 😇

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